The collective tech press is going wild with predictions on the next iPad that may be launched by Apple next month.

The consensus seems to be that a smaller iPad, dubbed the iPad Mini, will be announced sporting a 7″ display which not coincidentally is similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire display size. Obviously Apple is feeling the heat of the Kindle Fire as it’s breaking sales records all over the place as customers demand a small form-factor which is between a mobile smartphone device of 4″ and the iPad/netbook size range of 9.5″ to 12″.

Renders made by a Ciccarese Design give some impression to the form factor:

ipad mini 300x225 Apple iPad Mini rumors keeping the tech press awake

What do you think Apple will announce next month. Do you give any value to the rumors? Tell me in the comments below!

[Image courtesy of Ciccarese Design]

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ipad virus First iPad virus spotted

Day four of iPad mania and here it is. You load up your new iPad, which you only got a few days ago and guess what…where’s your files? Your contacts? Your schedule? You’ve fallen victim to the first iPad virus!

Last night, we received an unconfirmed report  from a user who appears to have the first iPad virus. From what we know, this has actually been an iPhone virus infecting an iPad device and the virus has not been developed purposely to hit the iPad. We are investigating this ourselves now and will report further on this when we have more details.

iPad’s iPhone OS

How is this possible anyway? An iPhone virus on the iPad? Well, the iPad actually runs the iPhone’s OS. This gives the iPad the capability to run the thousands of applications that have already been written for the iPhone but it also endangers it into giving virus writers an even bigger platform to write for; as most iPhone viruses will work on the iPad too, and vice versa.

Below are some tips on how to prepare and avoid viruses on your iPad and how to remove a virus if you have it.

How to prepare and avoid getting a virus on your iPad?

Preparation is key as with viruses on all computer platforms. Follow these steps to make sure you do not get a virus and are prepared if you do get one:

1. Regularly back up your data through the iTunes synchronization feature. It can automatically store your contacts, schedule, tasks and other data.

2. Install Apple’s regular firmware updates to your iPad. These updates are essential as they patch holes in the security of the iPhone OS. Again this means syncing your iPad up with iTunes often.

3. Be careful which apps you install. Only install applications you trust and do not install apps or open files from outside the iTunes App Store.

What to do if you have a virus on your iPad?

1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes by going to the Apple website and downloading the installation file.

2. Connect your iPad to your computer and open up iTunes.

3. Select your iPad when it appears in iTunes under devices

4. Click on the Summary tab

5. Choose the Restore option

6. iTunes will now ask you if you want to back up your device before restoring it. If you have already backed up your device previously, choose ‘Don’t Back Up‘ otherwise press ‘Back Up‘.

ipad virus instruction 1 First iPad virus spotted

7. In the next windows press the ‘Restore‘ button.

ipad virus instruction 2 First iPad virus spotted

8. Your iPad will now restore itself to factory defaults. After it has completed it will show the Apple logo and start up.

9. After the iPad has booted up it will display a ‘Connect to iTunes’ dialog. This will disappear after it is connected again.

10. From iTunes, a dialog will show to ‘Set Up Your iPad’. Choose to restore the backup (pick the backup file you want) and press ‘Continue

ipad virus instruction 4 First iPad virus spotted

11. You now hopefully have a working iPad again with your old data restored. Congratulations and stay safe next time!

smallgqvoguewirednyttmock1 Exclusive pictures of NYT, Wired, Vogue, GQ on Apple Tablet

The Apple Tablet has supposedly received future content backing from the New York Times, Wired Magazine, Vogue and GQ (being not just these publications, but these companies as publishers of many more publications), Apple clearly sees the market opportunity here. Users do not like a stand-alone device with one function, such as an e-reader or a PMP. Giving them the ability to work with a device as comprehensive as the potential Apple Tablet on which they can browse the web, write notes, work on spreadsheets and for leisure listen to music, watch movies and read books is a much better solution for mainstream multimedia users.

The previous release date for the Apple tablet was expected to be the first quarter of 2010. However, due to high priced OLED screen produced by LG, Apple has decided to delay the tablet further.

Steve Jobs is said to be focussing all of his energy and attention on the Apple tablet and may have already shot a TV advert for it. Research analyst Piper Jaffray has calculated that the tablet could grow into a $1.2 billion business in its first year.

The Apple Tablet (a.k.a. iPad, iTablet or TabletMac, we’re still unconclusive) will be priced considerably cheap, according to Alex Albrecht, host for Digg’s weekly video podcast DiggNation. Albrecht does  not reveal its sources but mentions the tablet will cost far less than expected.

The previous price point was to be expected above $500. Most predictions have set it at around $900.

wirednytmock Apple Tablet will be the primary e book reader in the world

According to a survey of over one-thousand professionals active in book publishing, a device by Apple functioning as an e-reader will be the primary factor of driving digital book publishing foward. The survey was executed just before a conference about the future of books in London on December 2.

035635 tabletmac Is TabletMac the new name for the Apple Tablet?

Apple has officially registered the TabletMac name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. What does this mean for the name of the Apple Tablet? Well, not necessarily a lot. Apple is known to register many different variations to their brand names to avoid competitors releasing products with names that may be confused with Apple’s trademarks. But there is a possibility we have the new name for the Apple tablet right here.

In a decade, we will probably remember 2010 as the groundbreaking year where the way people use computers would change forever as ideas, technology and investment came together to make low-cost consumer tablet devices a reality for everyone. ASUS and MSI are the front-runners right now in terms of offering a low-cost tablet already but Apple, Dell and Intel, Nokia, HTC and many more technology giants are ready to jump in to the market in 2010. Many of these players are actually waiting to see what Apple will come up with. Like they previously with the iPod and iPhone, they won’t be the first to create something in a new product segment, but they will be the ones defining the segment with a flagship product that everyone will try to imitate.

DreamScreen on kitchen counter thumb 550x407 24251 HP DreamScreen vs. Apple tablet, compared

Hewlett-Packard has released its DreamScreen five months before Apple’s tablet is supposed to. The interwebs is going crazy about this DreamScreen. But should Apple be worried? Let’s compare the two.

  • Display:
    • Apple tablet: 9.6″ widescreen multi-touch display (by WinTek)
    • HP Dreamscreen: 13.3″ widecsreen non-touch display
    • Apple tablet: 1440-by-1050-pixel resolution at 489 pp
    • HP Dreamscreen: 800-by-480 pixel resolution at 270 pp
    • Apple tablet: Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
    • HP Dreamscreen: Gloss coating, attracts fingerprints
  • Processor:
    • Apple tablet: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.13GHz
    • HP Dreamscreen: ARM-based processor
  • Memory:
    • Apple tablet: DDR2 2 GB @ 667 MHz
    • HP Dreamscreen: see storage
  • Video:
    • Apple tablet: nVidia GeForce 9400M
  • Storage:
    • Apple tablet: 64 GB flash drive
    • HP Dreamscreen: 2 GB (1.5 GB usable) flash drive
  • Optical drive:
    • Apple tablet: Apple SuperDrive with DVD±RW and CD-RW
    • HP Dreamscreen: None
  • Wireless:
    • Apple tablet: Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
    • HP Dreamscreen: Intergrated Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
    • Apple tablet: 3G: HSDPA (through AT&T)
    • HP Dreamscreen: No 3G
    • Apple tablet: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
    • HP Dreamscreen: No Bluetooth
  • Location tools:
    • Apple tablet: Assisted GPS (aGPS)
    • HP Dreamscreen: No GPS
    • Apple tablet: Digital compass
    • HP Dreamscreen: No compass
  • Battery:
    • Apple tablet: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (by DynaPak)
    • HP Dreamscreen: No battery, powered only by cable
  • Usage time:
    • Apple tablet: Internet: up to 6 hours on 3G
    • HP Dreamscreen: Infinite
    • Apple tablet: Internet: up to 12 hours on Wi-Fi
    • HP Dreamscreen: Infinite
    • Apple tablet: Video playback: up to 12 hours
    • HP Dreamscreen: Infinite
  • Sensors:
    • Apple tablet: Accelerometer
    • HP Dreamscreen: None
    • Apple tablet: Proximity sensor
    • HP Dreamscreen: None
    • Apple tablet: Ambient light sensor
    • HP Dreamscreen: None
  • Colors:
    • Apple tablet: black with silver or white with silver
    • HP Dreamscreen: Black
  • Software:
  • Price level:
    • Apple tablet: $899 USD, 799 EUR

Do they compare? Not at all. It’s an internet hype! The DreamScreen is nto a contender for the Apple tablet, nor will it ever be. It’s not even a tablet!

picture 6 Apple tablet release date is February 2010

The rumored Apple tablet is due for a February 2010 release date. Previous accounts also reported a release date in 2010. This time the information comes from a newspaper in Taiwan According to Tawian’s Economic News, Apple will be receiving parts from suppliers in December and it will then start assembling the first batch of devices for shipment in February. Mentioned is a long-lasting battery from DynaPack, it expects to make around 300,000 batteries a month for Apple. This number translates into the expected number of tablets on the market in the first months.

The newspaper also mentions some new specifications:

  • ARM-processor from Apple-acquired PA Semi
  • A 3G HSDPA connection through AT&T’s network
  • Long-lasting battery (up to 10 hours) from DynaPack
  • Price between $799 and $999

The touchscreens for the iPhone and iPod are produced by WinTek. This supplier is said to be supplying Apple with the tablet screens.

See the full updated Apple tablet specifications for more information:

  • Display:
    • 9.6″ widescreen multi-touch display (by WinTek)
    • 1440-by-1050-pixel resolution at 489 ppi
    • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.13GHz
  • Memory: DDR2 2 GB @ 667 MHz
  • Video: nVidia GeForce 9400M
  • Storage: 64 GB flash drive
  • Optical drive: Apple SuperDrive with DVD±RW and CD-RW
  • Wireless:
    • Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
    • 3G: HSDPA (through AT&T)
    • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Location tools:
    • Assisted GPS (aGPS)
    • Digital compass
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (by DynaPak)
  • Usage time:
    • Internet: up to 6 hours on 3G
    • Internet: up to 12 hours on Wi-Fi
    • Video playback: up to 12 hours
  • Sensors:
    • Accelerometer
    • Proximity sensor
    • Ambient light sensor
  • Colors:
    • black with silver or
    • white with silver
  • Software:
  • Price level:
    • $899 USD, 799 EUR

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