Apple will probably announce the iPad Mini next month. It’s a smaller version of the iPad launched to directly compete with the Kindle Fire.

Obviously Apple has always focused on producing premium products and selling them for, well, a premium price! However, with Tim Cook stepping up as CEO, its strategy may change. If the iPad Mini is made to compete with cheaper Android tablets like the Kindle Fire, then the price point can not be higher than those.

Now, the Kindle fire is priced at around $199. Which simply means Apple will probably not go higher than this price point.

ipad mini 300x225 Apple iPad Mini price at $199

Of course predicting things like these is most always useless but it’s fun to do nonetheless. Do you think I’m right with my prediction of $199 for the Apple iPad Mini price?  Tell me in the comments below!

[Image courtesy of Ciccarese Design]

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The collective tech press is going wild with predictions on the next iPad that may be launched by Apple next month.

The consensus seems to be that a smaller iPad, dubbed the iPad Mini, will be announced sporting a 7″ display which not coincidentally is similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire display size. Obviously Apple is feeling the heat of the Kindle Fire as it’s breaking sales records all over the place as customers demand a small form-factor which is between a mobile smartphone device of 4″ and the iPad/netbook size range of 9.5″ to 12″.

Renders made by a Ciccarese Design give some impression to the form factor:

ipad mini 300x225 Apple iPad Mini rumors keeping the tech press awake

What do you think Apple will announce next month. Do you give any value to the rumors? Tell me in the comments below!

[Image courtesy of Ciccarese Design]

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